Flow of moving in

Please contact us from the enquiry page.
Please let us know if you have any concerns.
We will do our best to assist you however we can!
All applicants are asked to visit the actual property before moving in.
Depending on when you apply, you may be able to meet the residents during your tour.
Applications for moving in are open from at least one month before the moving-in date.
Your room will be secured when payment is completed.
Move-in procedure
We will then complete the contract and explain the house rules.
You can either complete this process online, otherwise you can complete it on the day you move in.
Move in
It’s the beginning of a new life in Yuzawa!
Let’s enjoy and explore! ^ ^

Flow of moving out

Evacuation Procedure
Please give at least one month’s notice if you are planning to move out.
Please note that one month’s rent will be charged if the required notice is not given.
Move out
We will check the room on the day you move out or the day before.
If the room is excessively dirty or damaged we will charge an additional fee.
If there is no problem, please return the key.